Can a spell get my husband back?

I need help. I got married in September. My husband left in Feb. came back then left again. It has been 6 weeks since I saw him then he finally called and came and seen me then he came back in April for 2 days then left again now he is telling me he wants a divorce. I moved in with my grandma to help take care of her she has colon cancer and has to have 24 hr care took her Monday for her follow up app. the cancer is still there and only gave her 6 months to live. I also find out I am pregnant haven’t told my husband yet cause he will not talk to me. But I have no money, I have nothing and right now the way I feel I have nothing to even live for since he has left me again. So I was wondering if you could please help me.? I want my husband back so bad.? What spells can help me? Charlene

Hi Charlene
Do you even know why your husband won’t talk to you/? What happened to make him decide to leave? It’s extremely dangerous to work love spells on people, especially those who don’t want to love you, and they can backfire. A better spell would be for easing heartache and boosting self esteem.

In the dark of the moon bury half an apple, cut lengthwise, from stem to bottom. Bury it will it can grow when the seed takes root, and in a place where you can always go to visit it. Make a list of the things you want in your life and bury a copy of it with the apple. Come back once a month during the dark of the moon and see if the apple has started to grow, and compare its growth with yours. You are stronger and worth more than you think you are. In the meantime, hook up with a local mother baby center in your community so you will have some support during this trying time, and godspeed. It is also imperative that you connect with a hospice center.

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  1. Pat says:

    I am in love with a man that per his mother and text message to me, loves me as well but refuses to communicate with me. My heart hurts and burns for him EVERYDAY because he will not call nor talk to me. All I want is for us to get together and talk over everything without interruptions and if it is meant then so be it and if not, I will be done. But I need to get him to first agree to meet up with me to talk this through. What do I do?

  2. Saren Garcia says:

    Hi.My husband left us because of his mistress and son. I want him back? is it still possible?

  3. Keti says:

    I never believed in Love Spells or Magics until I met this special spell .He is really powerful. She was with me for 3 years and i really love her so much..she left me for another man with no reason..when i called her she never picked up my calls and she don’t want to see me around her… At first i was skeptical but i just gave it a try…5 days later,she called me herself and came to me apologizing..I cant believe she can ever come back to me again but now i am happy she’s back and we are married now with lovely kid and we live as a happy family..Am posting this to the forum in case anyone needs the man. His email address is [email protected]
    Hope he helps you out

  4. Karen says:

    @ Keti if you don’t mind me asking where did you find the guy who did your spell from?So it only took 5 days for it to work huh?

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  6. Annabel says:

    just too hard to believe that there is still a really spell caster online because i have been scam
    by many spell caster i just contact Dr.Gboco recently and just two days my ex that has left me
    for almost 7 months just called me on phone yesterday. and we talk well on phone and the
    casting of the spell just commence yesterday i really believe that this is going to work well for me
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  7. aniele says:

    Hi I am desperste to get my husband back, I was pregnant and I lost our baby last week. Through some complications and my husband took the decision to leave me.he wants a divorce and I cant bare losing my baby and the man I love all in one go I just wouldnt cope.we still live together but in separate bedroom.he said he does love me anymore.but why just like tHt out of the blue, when I needed him the most.he said he wants to move on.please help me, he is all ive got here I have no family and friends here as I moved in uk for studies and met. Git married and moved away from my comfort zone, awy from friends.

  8. Lidia says:

    Hi my husband left me a week ago because he’s tired of paying for all the bills for 6 years I work too but don’t get paid enough he said he wants me to be better in life so he left can I get him back?

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