Can I use Witchcraft to bring back my lover?

What’s the best way to bring back my love of my life and make him stay?

The short answer is: there is nothing that you can ethically and magickally do
to bring him back. Magick is bound by the three fold rule. Anything that you put
out there energetically will come back to you. Casting a spell that will manipulate
someone and make them come back to you will only cause trouble for yourself. You
will receive back pain in the relationship. You may find yourself stuck in a relationship
that you don�t want to be in anymore and be unable to leave. This person
you call the love of your life will be under your spell no matter what. He will
be obsessed with you if you decide to cast a spell to bring him back, and obsession
is not love. I don�t mean to sound harsh at all�its just that I�ve
seen witches in your position take drastic action to keep their loves. And it
never works out to any good.

You can, however, do something to heal your broken heart. You will need the following

� cup sea salt
2 candles
a mirror
a small cloth, drawstring bag
a copper penny
1 teaspoon dried jasmine
1 teaspoon orris root powder
� cup lavender flowers
1 teaspoon yarrow

On the eve of a full moon, prepare and take a bath with the sea salt added, by
the light of a single candle.
When you have finished the bath, dress first, and then extinguish the candle.

Light the second candle and place it on a flat surface, such as a table. Lay the
mirror face up before it. On the mirror, place and mix well the jasmine, orris-root,
lavender and yarrow. When done mixing, speak these words aloud:

Spirit of the moon,
Heal my broken heart,
Let the shadow of pain,
Drift away in your silvery light.
Spirit of the moon,
Let my heart heal,
And once more be strong,
That I may love again.

Place the mixture in the small, drawstring bag. Place the penny in the bag with
the mixture and close and tie it. Extinguish the candle. Keep the bag in the room
where you sleep, as close to you as possible and until your heart has healed.

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