Can love spells ever be good?

“I find myself inextricably drawn to people I cannot possibly have a future with its not just obsession or physical desire theres just something about certain people that makes me fall in love with them. I have been through this many times and each time is harder than the last. I have tried in the past to be Wiccan and it’s something I really want to do but everything gets too much for me sometimes. Please how can I be a good witch and how can I find a soulmate who I’ll love and know it’s true can love spells ever be good couldn’t it happen.”

Finding someone to love can be a very difficult process and finding someone who loves you in return can be even harder. That said, it appears you have already recognized a problem within yourself and are looking to fix it.

My advice would be to start simple. Pray for strength and understanding to help avoid making the poor relationship decisions that you say you have made in the past. either by yourself, with the help of a counselor or with the help of your Coven, try to work through the issues you have with attraction. Figure out why you are always attracted to the wrong people.

Perhaps you are trying to save people (often from themselves) or you are attracted to the “bad boy” type, maybe because of personal insecurities. Whatever the problem is, ask the Lord and Lady to help you work through your own relationship issues.

Then, once you are sure that you are ready, a love spell cast to let the Universe know you are ready and waiting for love can be a very good thing. One of the wisests Wiccans I know recently reminded me that sometimes we find what we are looking for only after we make it clear exactly what that is.

In your case, that means determining what exactly you are looking for in a relationship and then asking for it. The universe cannot give us what we are looking for if we have never even figured out what that is.  And, you may be sending mixed messages to the universe and missing the really great relationship that is right under your nose.

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3 Responses to “Can love spells ever be good?”

  1. Chris says:

    I really like your new site and the answers. Disbelievers should be gracious ,and if they don’b believe, then stay off the site.It is rude an disrespectful to make nasty comments about something they don’t like, no one is forcing them to seek out you or your site.
    Your answers are a lot of common sense,and honesty. No one in the world can make someone or someting happen,that is not suppose to happen. If you try to do so, it will work for a while and then completely fall apart and maybe worse than before.
    If you believe, and used focus , things can happen, and again, the way they are meant to happen. Its all in belief,mostly in ones self. I took your 7 day course and also found books to read on witch craft. Its amazing to realize, that even witch craft is like traditonal religion. The root base is the same, belief.

  2. lady eagle eye says:

    I did a love spell…was in the relationship for four years…We loved each other but he became very controlling and jealous and began to hit and threaten me…The whole thing finally played it’s self out and now he is out of my life but my question is…did I force the relationship by casting the spell or was this just his character in general?

  3. sara says:

    lady eagle, what was the love spell you used? was it black magic?

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