Can you help me contact an “in-between” in my house?

I have been trying to contact a spirit I believe has been in my house, but with no success. Do you know anything about in-betweens?

Are you sure it’s an in between? Some spirits aren’t ghosts at all, but kind of like recordings stuck on rewind. If you feel the same movements around the same time regularly, you may be dealing with an imprint, and there is no real way to contact them, sadly, but know that this is simply a leftover from a point in their lives, and the actual soul has moved on. Having said that, if it’s a poltergeist–dishes flying, unexplained banging, etc–I have had excellent results with EVP equipment, electronic voice phenomena. Leave a recorder on play when you leave the house, and listen to it when you get home. It would help to know what methods you’ve already tried. Did you use an Ouija board? Not the kind you buy at toys r us, but a homemade one, those are the best. Use an inverted shot glass if you are going it alone, a light glass easy to move if you have someone else with you. If you are highly sensitive to spirits, a pointed crystal on a fishing line is a good way to contact, and simply use clockwise for YES and counter clockwise for NO.

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  1. Bernadine says:

    Merry Meet, I think I may have an imprint in my apartment. My husband & I saw it first the night we had moved our bed from one bedroom into another (I’d been living here 10 yrs at the time). We were sitting in bed facing down the long hallway in our apt which ends in the bathroom. Suddenly a woman dressed in clothing from the 30′s or 40′s walked across the hall from our kitchen doorway out the front door. She came back a few minutes later. This went on every night for a week and we decided it was too disturbing to our sleep and we moved back into the old bedroom. She didn’t seem like she even noticed we were there. I wasn’t scared as I’ve had paranormal experiences before… but I got the same goosebumpy, hair standing on end feeling as those. A few week later our neighbor upstairs asked us if we’d ever noticed anything “unusual”, and when we asked what he meant, he described the same woman in 30-40′s clothing. Apparently she leaves our place and goes up to his – sits by a window and looks out (though there is no chair there)and then returns. I’ve seen a woman staring at me from the kitchen door that leads from my dining room and also from the kitchen door to the hallway but I’m not sure if it’s the same woman. This one KNOWS I’m there – I can feel it. I see orbs here alot as well. What do you think, Rose?

  2. Lala says:

    You saw this ladt dreesed up in clothing from the 30-40s. And every night for the week that you and your hushand were in the room for, you kept on seeing her at a givan time???
    She keeps on coming back for a reason. So next time you see haer ask her why she is there and if there is anything that you can do to make whatever message that she is trying to get out any easier for her, but when you ask her ask her from your mind and not verbally. And the next time you that Lady staring at you do excatily the same thing but remember to ask in a nuce way. Good luck!!!!!!

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