Can you help my wife ask me for a divorce?

My marriage is failing….I want it to end…I want to have my wife ask me for a divorce very soon.

You don’t say why your marriage is failing, but if you want it to end, I can give you this advice: Keep doing what you are doing.

The only marriages that ever work are the ones where both partners are devoted to keeping their marriage alive and working. If you have already given up on your marriage, you wife, no matter how stubborn, in love or committed she is to this relationship will eventually give up on it too.

Now, that said, I am wondering why you want to bring so much pain to yourself and your wife. And, why does she need to ask you for a divorce? If you want to end the marriage, stop stringing her along and be a man and tell her you want out.

Trying to force her to ask you for a divorce is a way of abdicating responsibility for your life and your relationship. In other words, it’s a way so that you can blame her for the end of the marriage. You can tell friends or your parents or your children that she wanted the divorce and make sure everyone sees her as the bad guy.

WRONG! If you are unhappy, you should take the steps to correct it. And, if you are just looking to blame someone else, I suggest you seek counseling before you destroy your life and hers.

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  1. Alex says:

    I want the same thing but do not want marital counsel from you or anyone, just want help so that my wife asks me for a divorce, and unlike the gentleman that posted originally, I’ll tell you my reason. I have lived in the USA for 2 years and my wife and daughter live abroad, my relationship with my wife has never been good but we’ve held on because of our daughter and now I am deeply in love with someone else and YES! I can always ask her for a divorce but if I am the one who takes the inititive, she will take my daughter and disappear and if she is the one to take the initiative she won’t, I know her, believe me that will happen and I want to be able to build my life with the person that I am in love here in the USA but still have the possibility of visiting my daughter whenever possible. Thank you.

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