Can you tell me how to fly on a broom?

“I need to know how to fly on brooms do you know how to do that? Please answer me as soon as possible and can you not right “”If you belive you can fly than you can fly”” because other sites send me that.”

Despite silly shows like Bewitched and movies like the Harry Potter series, it is doubtful that anyone ever really flew on a broom.

Historically, some witches would use a mild hallucigen in some of their rituals, specifically in the one designed to make brooms fly. The mixture was then used to coat the broom handle. The spell also called for the witch to be nude (usually). So between the mixutre on her hands from making the flying potion and the mixture absorbed when she sat on the broom, the drugs would enter the witch’s blood and make her believe she was flying.

Most real witches, as opposed to the stories to amuse or frighten children, do not concern themselves with such flights of fancy. They are herbalists and healers who use magick to benefit those around them.

Unfortunately, in the era of the Salem Witch Trials and other witch hunts around the world,  people wer frightened of things that they did not understand. Anyone who proposed an alternate way of thinking was outcast and branded as a witch or devil-worshipper because they did things that most people couldn’t. Outlandish stories about the witches accompanies the accusations usually because casting doubt on someone else and throwing accussations around kept the church and other witch hunters away from you.

In addition, witches were traditionally strong-willed women who fought back against a patriarchal society. In Salem, and other places, witch hunters thought it was very important to keep women silent and in their place.

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  1. cat says:

    i got a broom how do i make it fly
    give me a aser

  2. Thanatus says:

    the idea of witches riding brooms was originaly made by haitian women.What rose sed is true it is indeed a hallucinogen produced from the same voodoo zombification powder. it is a plant called Datura stramonium that causes this. Mere topical aplication of this causes extreme hallucinations.

  3. Ben Gruagach says:

    I don’t doubt that hallucinogens have been used in Haiti to produce the sensation of flying, contributing to the myth of witches flying on brooms. However, witches have been described as flying on broomsticks long before Christopher Columbus came to the Americas, which means before Haiti became populated by imported slaves and Europeans.

    Traditional European flying ointment recipes include a number of other hallucinogenic herbs besides Datura (although that is a common ingredient.) They are all highly poisonous though so it would be foolish to experiment with them!

    I suspect descriptions of astral travel, which some witches practice, have also contributed to the stories of witches flying.

    ; )

    Ben Gruagach
    author of “The Wiccan Mystic”

  4. Kidiu says:

    I agree, that sucked. I don’t want to know the myth and theory of broom riding, I want to know how to actually fly.

    And wiccans aren’t real witches, the are wiccans, not witches, wiccans. It is incorrect for a wiccan to use the term ‘witch’ to describe themselves.

  5. Kidiu says:

    I agree, that sucked. I don’t want to know the myth and theory of broom riding, I want to know how to actually fly.

    And wiccans aren’t real witches, they are wiccans, not witches, wiccans. It is incorrect for a wiccan to use the term ‘witch’ to describe themselves.

  6. taylor(real wizard) says:

    I’m a real wizard i can acualy fly a broom its really easy.i will tell you if you can find me.

  7. Shane says:

    I second the wish of flight over here! And sure, I totally understand that myths can be created and maintained over a period of time, but who says that flying can’t be possible, on a broom or otherwise in a very real, physical sense? I’m all for hallucinogens and astral travel, but who knows? Maybe Kiki, Harry, and indeed Taylor (who’s gotta give us a hint if he’s serious, because I’d love to learn) don’t have it so wrong after all. Maybe I’m just crazy and delusional, but the world is an immense place, full of possibility. Why not dream big? It might come true.

  8. Kay says:

    To (some of) the commenters: stop being naive. There are limits to what magic is capable of. And not everything that’s been sold to you is going to be the truth. I believe in the hallucinogen theory. There’s no way you can seriously fly on a broom. Anyway, what about all the amazing aircrafts that we use on a day to day basis. Isn’t that amazing enough? It seems almost impossible that those big lumps of metal could lift off but they do. Try some extreme sports bungee jumping, parachuting, learn how to fly a plane. Etc Experience the rush. Just wanted to make a point, you don’t have to be harry potter to experience amazing things.

  9. Kim says:

    Kay, how can you say things like that? You can’t practice any type of magic without belief. If you don’t believe in magic, you’ll never be able to cast spells, or use divination. If people want to believe that there’s a way to fly on a broom, why not let them believe it. Besides, I have a friend who used to practice black magic and he said that there are witches out there who can fly on a broom.

  10. miss ann says:

    taylor…. please contact me at anntetsusaiga at aol dot com. i really want to know! i an supposed to have witches in my family history.

  11. Бландинка Суккуб says:

    Teylor, i believe in you… I’m from Russia and in my country people don’t like magic.(( Help me, I want to fly. [email protected]ru, I wait your answer…

  12. Lerista says:

    So ya your completely off on the witch trials thing the prests daughter and nece where found danceing in the woods with several other village girls and tibuta (there slave) or house maid. She had been teaching them voodoo. There for the girls got a bit frightend and accused town people of posessing them they would throw them selves on the ground and writhe and curl up into very disturbing positions and stay like that for days and not tallk it was avfib that went to far im wiccan and voodo is way diffrent then with craft so you know and there would be alot more to tell you but I have no time

  13. Satus R. says:

    In order to make a broom (or any object) fly by means of magic you’ll have to do some pretty messed up things (imo). Doing OBE’s is much easier and less restraining, but if you’re determined on getting your physical constructed keester up in the air by means of sitting on broom like the good ol’ witches of yeaster year then you’ll pretty much have to rip the life-essence (soul, spirit, energy, or whatever you want to call it) out of another seperate entity that spends most of its time in the air. Sure you could ‘ask’ it to give itself to you, but that won’t really happen unless that entity is nearing transcention (even then highly unlikely). You should go up to a bird’s nest and snatch the babies out from underneath the momma bird and use their life-essence, because they are young and have a whole lot of life left in them. After reading this far and you’re still okay with being able to destroy the life path of another creature, imprison it within a freaking broom, able to accept (and control) this very unnatural and unstable state of manipulated construction then basically all you have to do is murder the living flying entity or entities (the more the merrier), capture and bind it within your stupid broom for personal satisfaction, and that’s about it. Sure toss in a couple of protection spells, prayers, etc for safety, but don’t worry to much about all that mumbo jumbo you’ll be flying soon! Just like Harry Potter!! Yay! If you need any type of description to be able to pull this type of thing off then you probably shouldn’t be giving it a try, any experienced practioner knows what this ritual entails and it’s not pretty. Happy Hunting!

  14. Kayla says:

    Rose replied to this question perfectly. She included the history of witchcraft to prove a point. Broom flying is a myth. So is animal sacrifice, devil worship, and other fantasy magick we see on television or in the movies.

    To Kidiu: Witchcraft as spiritual path is often called Wicca, although not all those who follow this path call themselves Wiccan – some just call themselves Witches. Wicca is a religion. Please don’t ramble when you don’t know what you are talking about.

    If anyone wants to become a witch merely to fly a broom – i’m sorry but the joke is on you.

    Part of becoming a witch is discovering your aptitudes and developing certain esoteric skills, whether as a healer, weather worker, spellworker, dower, or any of the dozens of other special disciplines. Sorry, but “broom flying” isn’t one of those skills.

  15. kaleo says:

    ummm i dont know how to say this not to make me sound really crazy ummm but you can actually fly on a broomstick you will need these instructions: .an branch from either a oak or an willow tree for the front of the broom and the oak or willow only oak and willow first of all witches long ago before king arthur they made a circle around the tree and did their spells and rituals around the oak and willow so the branch and leaves are very powerful so use those then after you get the branch grab the twigs take the leaves off the twig then grab either a wire or a strong string and tie it together and say this spell ” oh from the nature spirits from were the witches did their spells near you please give me the power from the tree all to me to fly please i will not tell a lie” IMPORTANT !!!!!!! picture yourself flying on the broom oh IMPORTANT you need to put a dash of salt on the branch part that will help it fly you need to put salt or you will either loose control of the broom or the broom will control itself so please PUT salt thats how bye hope it works oh and by the way my grandmah is a cromwell a cromwell is a good witch im a wizard cause im a boy bye hope it WORKS it worked for me so yeah no i mean it i thought it was crazy BUTT IT ACTUALLY WORKED UMM TRY IT OUT AND LET ME KNOW bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Amanda says:

    You can fly, it’s easy. Get your broom, and go to the edge of the cliff. Close your eyes and do ten minutes of meditation. Then get on your broom and jump off the cliff!
    Depending on how high you jump from, you can fly for over a minute. You’ll fly! And you can think about how magical you are until you hit the ground and die for being so stupid.

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