Defining Witchcraft and Wicca

hi i was hoping you could tell me exactly the defination of wicca and witchcraft is thankj you very much

Wicca is the modern version of witchcraft, adapted in the 20th century from the traditions of witchcraft that began centuries before.

In truth, witchcraft was generally nothing more than a belief in herbal remedies and that nature could assist people in times of trouble. Often, those accused of witchcraft were simply sages, or wise women who had learned the healing arts through family tradition or from another witch.

In modern times, the two terms are used almost interchangably. But to be accurate, Wicca is a religion. Witchcraft is a way of thinking and acting. The distinction is subtle and at times meaningless. Most Wiccans consider themselves witches and many witches practice Wicca.

Wicca is generally a nature based religion, which believes that spirits guide and direct and help and hinder us according to our needs and our actions. Most Wiccans believe in some incarnation of the Lord and Lady, essentially the higher powers of nature, but that practice can vary somewhat from coven to coven.

The only definite thing that all Wiccans believe is the rede, a single commandment that relies on the natural order of things to make sure it is fulfilled. The shortest version of the rede, “Harm None.” There are longer versions, many which extol the idea that you may do as you wish so long as you never bring harm to another. The punishment for harming another is available in an even longer version of the rede. The basic principal is simple: whatever you do will come back to you three times. If you harm someone else, the harm that will come to you will be three times as strong. If you help soemone else, the help that returns will be three times as great.

So, the principal difference between witchcraft and Wicca is the belief in the rede. Wiccans practice a religion based on faith in the natural order and in the rede. Those who follow the ancient practices of witchcraft, generally, are simply healers and wise advisers.

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  1. Byron Skinner says:

    Wicca and Witchcraft are two totally different activities.

    To Practice Witchcraft one much have the Christian belief in heaven and hell since withcraft is some type of interaction with the devil. The activity usually is some form of sexual activity between an accused and the devil.

    In Wicca as I understand it there is only interactions with the natural elements, earth, wind, water, air and either fire or the human spirit. Wicca is a 20th. Century Religion, if you like started by gerald B. Gardner in the early 1950′s. There is no need tobelieve in Christainity.

    To compaire the two is rather a streach.

    Byron Skinner

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