How can Magick heal a bad relationship?

There are a lot of problems in my relationship. the list is very very long. How can I use Witchcraft to mend these ill feelings that are brewing?

If the list is that long you might need to ask yourself why its so important to stay in this relationship. The right answers will come if you meditate on it every day for ten minutes. This is different than dwelling on the problems all day long. Find a sacred space for just you that no one else has access to and set up a small alter. Meditate daily on why you think you need this relationship so much. In the meantime, magick is no substitute for actually talking to your spouse.

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  1. tanielu says:

    hi i need ur help i’m in a relationship where just recently i have a strong feeling that my sinificant other is doing smethig that welldoesnt feel right i tried talkig but i et nothing is there any spell to reveal what is happening and how i can fix it please help me

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