How do I know my spirit guide or familiar?

I have a question about recognising one’s spirit guide, or spirit familiar. I ‘m probably confused as to this entity’s correct classification. I’ve been regarding a name that I had remember upon waking one morning as a sort of spirit familiar or even as my own ‘secret’ name. What is the truth of such a name, and its proper use?

Good question, the name, if not attached to someone or something you saw in your dream could very well be your secret name, or the name of a spirit guide. Spirit Familiars are almost always animals, but they tend to show up out of nowhere and come live with you ( cats, for example) you can find your animal spirit guide, which is different from a familiar, through visualization meditation. The most common one is to completely relax and take yourself on a journey. Typically this is through a breezy meadow and then down a long path that leads into the woods, ending by a brook or pond where there is a bonfire. (Notice the use of all of the elements) You sit on the log and an animal is coming toward you from out of the wood. It is your spirit guide. You can buy these tapes at the bookstore, in the psychology or occult section.

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  1. Raymond says:

    I have a question. about doing money spells. I understand that magick takes the path of least resistance first. I’ve done many money spells and only had luck with about three of them. I don’t understand what happened what happened with the rest?

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