How do I move on with my life?

I have been quite aware for a while now how unfulfilling my life has been up to this time. The man I am with is a Karmic relat. My spirits I have grown up with want him gone and me to evolve. I have also been told from a witch friend of mine that a certain man was to come who would change my life completely. I have too tender a heart most of the time to hurt anyone. And I have a bond of friendship with the current man. I have recently met the man I was told would come into my life. I am extremely attracted to him and want to get top know him better. But I don’t know how exactly to go about this. What do you see? Please help me with this. I really need your advice as I was told and know in my head and heart that this is a most crucial time and event for me to change everything for the better!

First and foremost, to avoid bad karma in this and future lives, you need to be honest with the man who is already in your life, especially if you are friends. Explain to him that you believe you are meant for other things and that you would like to pursue them.

However, only do this if you are absolutely certain you are not meant to be with the man you are with right now. While honesty is the best policy and will keep the karma in balance for the future, you have been with this person for a long time and your decision is likely to cause him pain.

If there is ANY chance that what you are feeling is simply lust for the new man in your life, you need to be aware that telling your current friend about it will probably destroy any relationship you have with the current man.

No matter what psychics or other people have told you about your relationships, only you can decide if the relationship you currently have is worth saving. Psychics can give you good advice and help you see things that you already know but are afraid to face, but they cannot make this decision for you.

If you believe the new man in your life has the potential to be important in your life, start slowly. Make friends and evaluate from a non-romantic standpoint what you have in common. Then, from there you can determine whether to act on the attraction.

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  1. Maria says:

    i need your advise. i am going through a difficult situation with my husband and we might even separate. i dont know what to do or say anymore. what should i do?

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