How do I talk to my parents about Wicca?

I have a problem i just needed to talk to someone about wicca my paretns found out that i have email about witchs and wicca and now there going crazy saying i might go to hell and a lot of stuff i dont know how i can show them i want to be this way i dont think of wicca like this is there any way u can give me some kind of advice on how to tell them this is how i can be?

You don’t mention how old you are,  but it sounds like you still live at home with your parents. Since you live with them, you have to listen to your parents’ beliefs and concerns.

But, if you want to talk to them about your beliefs, start by being honest with them. It will not help at all if you are trying to hide things from them. Your parents are obviously concerned about your future and your spiritual growth.

Start by asking them to look at a site called There is an article there regarding Christianity and Wicca and explains how someone can believe in God and in Wicca. this might make your parents feel better.

However, you should know that some parts of the Bible state that witchcraft is a product of the devil and if your parents fall into this category, you may need to wait until you are older before you can study Wicca. In addition, most Wiccans will not train new practitioners until they are eighteen.

Try talking to your parents about the Wiccan Rede and what it means. Explain that the basic principal of the religion is that you harm no one and that another is the rule of the three, that what you do to others comes back to you three times over. This is in many ways like the Golden Rule: Do Unto Others What You Would Have Them do Unto You.

Do not get defensive and fight with your parents about your beliefs. That will never help them understnad what you believe and what Wicca is. Instead, gather information and take it to them. Make an appointment to sit down and talk to them about it. Show them that you are mature enough to make your own decisions about spiritual matters and if they disagree, be respectful of the fact that you live in their home. Follow their rules while you live there. If you believe in the Lord and Lady, waiting until you are older and respecting your elders will not keep you from practicing your beliefs later.

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  1. Noela says:

    what do you mean by website?

  2. Britley says:

    @Chaitra… please tell me you’re kidding.

    Thanks for the advice, by the way. I’m planning on telling my mom soon, but I wanted some pointers and some… I don’t know… comfort, I guess? Anyhow, thanks again for the post!

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