How do you perform a Midsummers Ritual-Celebration?

I have all sorts of information, but from the information I ve read, Midsummer by: Anna Franklin contains all the details and specifics that you could possibly need to perform every detail of the Midsummer Ritual. Here are some details about the book. 

Midsummer is one of the most ancient, widespread, and joyful Pagan festivals. The sun rises to the height of its power on the summer solstice, and Midsummer Eve is filled with fairy mischief and magic.
Summer solstice celebrants will find plenty of inspirational rituals, magic spells, and recipes in Anna Franklin’s Midsummer. As in her previous book about the early fall festival of Lammas, Franklin can be whimsical as well as reverent. From the building of a magical bonfire to the staging of elaborate solstice rituals involving priests and priestesses, Franklin offers something for every level of pagan. In the section on “Midsummer Magic and Divination,” Franklin gives instructions for placing various herbs and charms beneath the pillow to welcome prophetic dreams. Those who are inspired by the more romantic Shakespearean take on Midsummer’s Eve can try some of Franklin’s love divination techniques, such as flicking an apple seed toward the ceiling to see if your love is requited. Franklin also gives specific instructions for performing the “Rites of Midsummer.” For instance, “The altar should be decorated with golds and yellows–this theme is echoed through candles, clothes and flowers…. Centrally placed should be a sun wheel or sun representation.” And for the Martha Stewart-style pagan there are some excellent recipes, including Anise Tea and Comfrey Fritters.
–Gail Hudson

Here are some recipes that you may want to look at:

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