How long should I wait for my relationship spell?

I have done a spell to make my relationship work out. How long should it take before I see results? How do I know it is working? I am afraid my boyfriend will leave me?

You can’t make someone love you, no matter what spells anyone wants to hand you. Hollywood has done an incredible job of lousing up good magick by infusing love spells into it. Please don’t try. Look instead for spells to help you boost your self esteem and confidence, and look inside yourself to work on areas of your life and personality that would draw a better man to you. The best love spells are the ones that lift you up, not control another’s thoughts and feelings.

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  1. tiara says:

    I´ve had 4 practitioners of different beliefs whom cast spells to reconcile with my ex. Until now I´ve yet to receive any positive response from my ex. Does magick really works? Can you cast a spell for me?

  2. Jenny Todd says:

    Am Jenny from USA all i could say is that the real spellcaster and powerful individual who is good at his work dont often publish their work online like most scam artist does. I know of this spellcaster, he is so good. Anyone who is in distress can contact him on this email address: [email protected] , he is a man of his words and knows what would happen tomorrow, so talk to him.

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