If I hear voices, am I connected a spiritual realm?

If a person hears songs and voices etc in the backgroung all of the time but cannot make them out would they be considered natural born or talented in the spiritual realm? And if so what do I do about it?

That’s a difficult one. If the voices and songs do not bother you or tell you to do stuff, you’re probably okay and just have a propensity for hearing conversations on the spiritual plane, which can be really annoying, to tell you the truth. Unfortunately, a lot of mental illnesses were wrongly diagnosed as being a result of pacts with Satan, at one time, but since wiccans don’t believe in Satan, we don’t cotton to that idea much anymore. You can’t very well go tell a physician about the voices if you are in no other way sick, so the best thing to do is to practice listening to the voices and the songs, I expect there is much to be gained by meditation at this point.

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  1. jason says:

    Just to add to hearing voices. It isn’t really voices your hearing it is the spirits around you projecting thoughtforms onto you. Because you really aren’t hearing a praticular voice if you listen close enough it is your voice you are hearing. if you are truely open to hearing the spirits around you, you feel them around you as well. The two kinda go hand in hand.

    blessed be

  2. angie says:

    hey rose how are you doing today? i have been receiving alot of e-mail form you so here is what i want to know.i go to shcool alot.and i can;t renember alot of things.can you help me?

  3. hi then if they are spirits what they talk how to avoid them

  4. Ana says:

    Hey, I’ve been able to hear these voices and songs since I was six and can still here them. Some have threaten me, warned me of danger, or helped me, should I be cautious of them. I also have a friend who has this family curse placed on him by the Indians. Whenever he is alone in his home he begins to here vioces and when he is over at a friends paranormal events occur. I would like to help him break his curse and understand why these voices are speaking to me.

  5. madimo says:

    hi there i also have this problem after having fought a tough battle with witches . i did not know that there had occult practise cause they use to trouble me before, until i consulted a juju man that is when i started seeing them angry . i know those people who are doing that to me . someone witched you and that person have occult knowledge is a satanic magick . i trying to solve that problem too

  6. Michael says:

    I’ve been searching everywhere and anywhere to try to find an absolute answer to “voices” that have been bothering me. I’m unsure whether or not it’s “Clair-audience” or a curse put upon me by someone else. These voices constantly comment on things I say to someone else. Usually they are apologetic and complement me, but they hadn’t always been so nice. I’ve been hearing “Voices” for almost a year. At times, others around me are able to hear the voices speaking to me( just a few words). The voices speaking to me are constantly shouting out familiar names of friends, family members, etc..as if trying to suggest that someone had put a curse upon me. i.e ” It was Roman!, It was James!” etc…I am a devoted Christian Man in my early 40′s. In the beginning of all this I was in a court battle for my son. Because of these voices, I thought I was going insane and moved many times trying to rid myself of the voices because I thought they were hateful neighbors or something similar. These voices are not helpful in any way, shape or form. They are not physically harmful,they don’t ask me to harm myself or others, yet they are NOT wanted. Within the years time, because I tried telling my family about it, I lost everything to include my fight for my son. I know I’m not insane, in distress, or have “special psychic” abilities. The voices won’t stop, Is there a way I can help myself to stop them from continuing?

  7. gaza says:

    go see doctor urgently all the best michael sosy to have to tell you this no one has cursed you
    sound like you have cursed someone and your concionce is talking to you wake up mate.

    s is

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