Is 14 years too young to practice the Craft? Is a spell written by another as strong as one written on your own?

Rose How are you i hope you are fine anyways i have a friend of mine and she into witchcraft and i was wondering is it alright for a young girl like say 14 to be into something of that magnitude well i want to know also can i ever getspells that are by another will they still work if you,yourself dont write them

Merry Meet!

I am very well! Thank you for asking. Hope you are doing well too!

Effectively, you have two questions for me, dear Seeker. The first is whether it is okay for your 14 year old friend to be involved in Wicca and the second is whether spells written by another is as effective as a spell written by yourself.

The answer to the first one is a little complicated. It is quite normal at the age of fourteen to develop the need to differ from one’s parents. At this age, a teenager has the need to become an individual. This leads the teen to start questioning the establishment and frequently leads to journeys into alternative religions, politics and friendships. This may or may not be the case with your friends.

Nowadays many teens are turning to Wicca, some for the long haul and some for a short time only. Regardless of whether you are 14 or 24, practicing Wicca is great as long as it is done in Perfect Love and Perfect Trust and in line with the Witches Code of Ethics. Some Wiccans prefer not to teach Teens as their emotions run a bit rampant, which could result in them causing harm to themselves through causing harm to others in a moment of anger. Clearly you are a little concerned about your friend, so here is what you do: recommend Silver Ravenwolf’s Teen Witch ISBN 156718725-0 to her (or even get it for her for her birthday). It is a great book written specifically for Teen Seekers.

Now for your second question… Some Wiccans believe that a self-written spell is stronger than an off-the-shelf spell. I tend to differ. If you can identify with a spell written by somebody else, if you have the permission to use it and if you find it comfortable and ideal for a given situation, it is just as good as a self-written spell. You can even do slight modifications to the spell to make it a bit more “you”! J

Hope this answers your questions.

In Love and Light! Blessed Be!

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  1. Hannah says:

    Dear Rose,
    Is twelve to young to become a witch? Because I have been thinking about it and following your website and I want to know

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