Is it possible to have been a Witch in a past life?

I have felt very drawn to Witchcraft. Do you think it is possible to have been a witch in a past life, and for the calling to remain deep seated in your soul?

There are experiences all over the internet of people who claim they were a witch in a pats life. Many claim to have been persecuted, some in the Salem Witch Trials.

This is about a witch who claims to have sold out his most beloved brothers and sisters to spare their life. The brothers and sisters that were given up screamed as the smell of burning flesh filled the air. The witch was tied to another stake and forced to watch.

The smell is the most vivid memory, although the pain was horrible in the beginning. After the first couple of minutes, the flesh is so charred that the pain is not felt any longer. The witch remembers the horrible smell of loved ones burning and how that smell hangs in the air. He finds it hard to deal with these memories and his girlfriend was surprised when he shivered and curled up into a ball.
This is another recollection -
There was person who claimed to be a witch from the 1800 s in Edenburough Scotland. She was a 16 year old young girl who was discovered to be a witch. Her fiance turned her in. The man she loved was there the day she was to be hung. He was an 18 year old young man, and a wizard who looked at her with a knowing look as I am lead to the noose. She heard the man who was about to hang her say “She shall hang till she dies.” She heard the man’s hand prepare to hang her and then felt slack in the rope as the man slapped the horse. She hit the ground and looked around. The wizard stood over her and helped her up. After that they were married and then she woke up.

These stories would seem to support the idea that people can remember being a witch in a previous life.

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  1. sabrina says:

    i hope all of you guys and grils go to my website it will be really cool looking ok hope make best i can so you can vites see witchcraft make it wrong you could kill yourself. theres no white of black magic but it only count inside of the people tyo be white and black black means drack and bad magic. white magic is good magic

  2. Kendralee says:

    could it be posible to have been a witch in a past life? i have these marks on my neck that just showed up one day, and 5 years later has seised to go away, it looks as though something was tied tightly around my neck. could this be connected??

  3. akacha says:


    je c’est que je i actuellement a ma 3eme vie et que avant jetai une sorcière très mauvaise même et je voudrais savoir comment je peu faire pour retrouver tout mes pouvoir et mes force de sorcière pour me faire pardonner de tout le mal que j’ai fait et fait du bien a mon entourage par la même occasion

    merci de me répondre

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