Is playing the card game Magic:The Gathering witchcraft?

is the playing card game magic witchcraft

Some very small minded people believe that playing certain games or watching some movies is the same as witchcraft. They usually criticise games including Dungeons and Dragons, Magic:The Gathering, and even Yu-Gi-Oh and books including the Harry Potter series, most anything written by Piers Anthony and most fantasy novels.

These same people usually believe that witchcraft is evil and that the power of magic comes from Satan. They are wrong.

First, witchcraft is not evil. It is a method of assisting people through folk remedies and magick. Some people could use it for evil, but those same people could use any religion for evil.

Second, reading a book or playing a game does not mean you are doing the things the characters in the book or game do. I have read books about flying a plane, but that does not make me a pilot. Likewise, reading a book or playing a game with creatures being “summoned” does not make me capable of summoning anything, other than my cat when I call her to come and eat.

The next time someone claims that playing a card game is making you something other than a person playing a game, ask them if playing Monopoly makes them a real estate tycoon. No, it doesn’t. And playing Magic doesn’t make you a witch. In fact, most witches I know wouldn’t touch the game.

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  1. Bang says:

    Hi Rose.

    somedays back i sent you mail bt u ddnt reply.Kindly guide me i am a Muslim guy and religion is islam i dont want to leave my religion you mention there is god and goddess we say there is only god only how come i follow your lessons and i am dead serious to join and try your lesson
    please guide and also i liked your lessons very much,hope to hear from you soon.

    I am living in Arab muslim country and kit you are providing i cannot order bcoz fundamantlist are here and there.


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