What can I use instead of an open flame?

I work on ship and we are not allowed as per ships rules and maritime law to use candles on board.I really do want to learn and work out on the course.Please can u give me another alternative to a candle as i am very much interested to learn and go ahead with this course.I hope to kindly get a remedy to the above from you as soon as possible

This is actually a problem many practicing Wiccans encounter. Many cannot use an open flame because they are incarcerated or in a college dormitory where candles are forbidden, so please don’t feel like you are alone in this problem.

The key to solving it is to understand what the flame represents and choose something else that you can use to represent that element within your castings. I would suggest something created by flame, like perhaps a lava stone. You could also use soemthing as simple as a picture of  a lit candle or even a flashlight.

The most important thing is to find something you can use as a focus for your energy when casting. Make certain to choose something that will not distract you and keep you from focusing your energy properly.

While you are learning the material, feel free to experiment with your focuses. Traditional focuses like salt and herbs and candles were chosen for their ties to the elements, but ultimately the best focus is one that has personal meaning to you. I am personally drawn to stones, so I woulod be more likely to choose an elemental representation of the purifying flame, but that is not true for everyone.

You also may find that yo wish to simply study the material while you are at sea and begin practicing once you return to land. Many practitioners find that it helps to have a chosen site where they regularly practice their rituals and many Wiccans are drawn to the outdoors, something else I’m assumong would be impossible while you are on the ship.

Blessed Be.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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  1. Tom Sexton says:

    First, I just wanted to state that not all
    Christians are as judgmental as the ones
    who are disobedient of the Bible, because,
    there is a verse that says, “judge not lest ye be judged”, which means, that to assume
    that someone is going to hell is a sin.
    So, yes I am a Christian, and I’m very
    sorry for the past, due to stupidity.
    (Could you please try to spread this,
    because, almost every Wiccan that I have
    tried to speak to has assumed that I was
    out to criticize them, or has said
    something angrily negative about Christians before I could even tell them that I am
    Now for my question(s).
    1. Do all branches of Wicca approve of the
    Priestess having intercourse with any
    Warlock in the group(s), even if she has a
    2. Does getting really far up in Wicca lead
    to cults, temptations of “black magic”, (in which they try to do harm to others) and,
    or , drug use?
    3. How much of a problem is there with some
    Wiccans practicing “black magic”?

    Just one more thing if you want to argue successfully with a Christian, so you can talk to them, the best way is by using their own scripture, the Bible. Especially the New Testament.

    Thank you,
    Keep trying and I hope and pray that our religions communicate more with each other!
    Tom Sexton

  2. Chela says:

    Hi Greetings beloved Rose Ariadne.

    Friends, I don’t have much to say about this candle post other than let your own lead you, if you feel negative vibe about not using a candle even if you don’t have one there’s no sense in even thinking such ways. Your own inter light can guide you when you can not use a candle. If you are casting and need a candle do it on your other days.

    Tom Sexton,

    Did you know that even Moses and his sister were alchemists? Did you know brother Aaron the high-priest was also one. I think that makes them part witch. Did you know that Jesus had a moment of anger with the money changers? Did you know that Jesus was a maggot? Even I had a problem with that one! Did you know that Mary might not have been a virgin? Did you know that the many ancient martyrs of the infinite world died with their secrets and verbal holy words that never made it into the future because of power and control of such
    Many times man lives and dies
    Between his two eternities,
    that race and that of soul,
    And ancient Ireland knew it all.
    Whether man die in his bed
    Or the rifle knocks him dead,
    A brief parting from those dear
    Is the worst man has to fear.
    Though grave-diggers’ toil is long,
    Sharp their spades, their muscles strong,
    They but thrust their buried men
    Back in the human mind again.

    In the 4th century Tom after Bishop Alexander of Alexandria a Libyan priest Arius started everything from this:

    “if the father begat (sired) the son, he that was begotten had a beginning of existence,” In other words, if the father is the parent of the son, then didn’t the son have a beginning? or as Arius said it, “There was a time when the son was not.”

    The debate erupted between Arius and Alexander and his deacon Athanasius on the other. The church (christian church) nearly split over the issue when the controversy reached the ears of Roman emperor Constantine. The so called father of Christianity, HE DECIDED to resolve it himself in a move that permanently changed the course of Christianity. The orthodox accused the Arians of attempting to lower the son by saying he had a beginning. But in fact, the Arians gave him an exalted position, honoring him as “the first among creatures” Arius described the son as one who became “perfect God, only begotten and unchangeable”, but also argued that he had an origin. “We are persecuted,” he wrote, “because we say that the son has a beginning.”
    If then, the Arians were not out to attack the status of the son, what were they after? The Arian controversy was really about the nature of man and how we are saved. It involved two pictures of Jesus Christ: Either he was a God who had always been God or he was a man who became God’s son. If he was a man who became God’s son, then that implied that other men could also become sons of God. This idea was unacceptable to the orthodox, hence their insistence that Jesus had always been God and was entirely different from all created beings.

    So you can see that the church’s theological position was, in part, dictated by its political needs. The Arian position had the potential to erode the authority of the church since it implied that the soul did not need the church to achieve salvation.

    My point is, you Tom my beloved brother in life as in the now, also sits in the same like position. If you knew your own history of your belief system you might lighten up on the witches. For it was church who burn them, because of such brainwashing scripture as the bible.

    Constantine, did what he wanted to do, after all he is the “father of christianity” he went against all the very thing the church was for in the future, and while alive he murdered, etc. He broke all the holy laws of the ten commandments (which he helped create), but in the end on his death bed he believed that as long as he repented and was baptize he could go to heaven. So you see Tom, christianity came from selfish power and will end in selfish power. Witches believe in harming no one.
    I think Tom, you need to go to college and even further to learn what you preach is nothing that you even understand yourself.
    I only mean wise intent. I do not throw pearls to swain and I mean that in the light of all that is and all that will ever be written.
    I could go on and on with the history lesson… lol Be at love and peace at all times!
    Blessed Be.
    A sister in the light of the morning star.

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