What does the symbol at the beginning fo the “Charmed” tv show mean?

wht does the sign on charmed the tv show mean?

There is no intrinsic meaning in the symbol that television writers chose to use for the television show, “Charmed”. The symbol is a commonly used form of the Celtic knot.

Perhaps because of the importance of the triad of gods in Celtic religions and also because of the show’s premise of the “power of three”, the art director or someone else associated with the show chose a three-pronged knot, but it is nevertheless nothing more than a traditional Celtic design.

Please keep in mind that many traditional forms of religion, including worship of some Celtic deities can be considered Pagan, but they are no more powerful or “right” than a dozen other native religions including worship of Egyptian gods or Native American gods. The fact that the television director chose to use a Celtic design probably has more to do with its inherent “prettiness” than for any religious significance.

The “Charmed” television show is a work of FANTASY, based very loosely on Pagan and Wiccan principles. Believing that magic works like it does in the television show would be like believing that hospitals operate like Hugh Laurie on “House” or that “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” was an unbiased news program.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying television and other works of fiction about Pagan and Wiccan topics, but please, please do the research to know truth from fiction. For a good fictional look at Pagans, written by someone who understands the religions, consider the novel “Harm None” by M.R. Sellars. His books will give you a much better and mroe realistic view of magic than anything from Pru, Piper and company.



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  1. Dena Rogers says:

    Wanting to know what the symbol at the beginning of the show is suppose to mean, the flower looking symbol with charmed written beneath it. I have a tatoo that is the same as it, because I really liked the symbol and have had it since 2003. People keep asking me what it means and I just tell them it’s just a logo from a series show? Please let me know if you know what it means.

  2. Alyssa says:

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  5. Errol says:

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  6. Natasha says:

    The symbol from Charmed is actually from the Legends of Rhiannon The Triple Goddess, it is inspired by Celtic art and vision. It reflects the Earths cycle through 24 hours: daylight then the darkness of night then daylight again. The Triple Goddess creates atmosphere of Stability Serenity and Security.

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